Campground and Picnic Area
VFW Post 7392
Van Horn/McGarr
Recreation Park Rules

Revised March 2015
Campground and Picnic Area
  We have 15 RV spots with water and electricity. A dump station is available, as are indoor showers and toilet facilities. There are tent sites available. Additionally we have the "V" Dome that has barbecue facilities, picnic tables, electricity and water.
  Note: We have 3 picnics during the summer and the campground does fill up for these events, usually the 3rd Sunday in June, July, and August.
  Directions: From Highway  20 North of Oak Harbor turn right on Ault Field Road by the Aircraft Display and go to the first light, turn left at the light onto Goldie Road (Post is approx. ¼ mile on the right). From Highway 20 south and Midway Boulevard, turn left onto Goldie Road (Zorba’s Restaurant) and go about 1 mile, we are on the left.

1.  Current card-holding VFW Post & Auxiliary members in good standing and their signed-in guest(s) are eligible to use the Campground by contacting the Duty Bartender, using the Log-In Book inside the Post Canteen and presenting a current membership card.    A member in good standing of VFW Post 7392 or its Auxiliary, may sponsor a non-member, family member(s) or friend into the campground for a period of time not to exceed 2 weeks.  If the sponsor member will not be camping at the facility with their guest they must physically check in with the guest at the campground daily to ensure that all campground rules are being followed.  The sponsored non-member guest(s) are not allowed to enter the VFW building / Canteen unless accompanied and signed in by their sponsor member.  If any VFW rules are broken by the non-member during their stay they will be required to leave the facility immediately when directed by the Campground Host, Commander, or their representative.  The sponsoring member’s rights to use of the campground and facilities may be suspended if all rules are not followed.  The sponsoring member must be present when signing-in guests, is responsible for the safe and proper actions of their guests and is liable for any damage done to Post facilities by their guests.
2.  Sites are on a first come first served basis.  The cost per day is $20/day payable at time of sign-in.  Tent sites are $5/day payable at sign-in.  The dump fee is $5 for members not camping on Post property. Campers delinquent in rental fees over 5 days will be asked to pay the past due amount or leave the campground.  Members who do not bring their rental fees current will be considered NOT IN GOOD STANDING and will not be granted any privileges of membership including the Canteen. 
3.  The length of stay in a campsite is limited to fourteen (14) days at a time.  You may renew for another fourteen (14) days if the campground is not full.  Arrangements can be made through the Land & Recreation Committee for extended camping.
4.  Campers must own, or have written permission to use, the RV unit, have current license plates, current registration and current insurance.  All vehicles must be in good running condition.
5.  Campers must be camping using a camping unit such as Class A/B/C, Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel, Tent, Slide In, etc.  NO CAR CAMPING IS ALLOWED.
6.  Keep campsites in a neat and orderly manner.  Do not place carpets/rugs on the grass (other than 12x12 RV Mats.  Place all trash in the dumpsters located near the back steps of the Post Home. Bag all trash securely before depositing in the dumpster.   If you move picnic tables, return them to their original location prior to your departure.  The campsite must be returned to its original condition prior to leaving including the removal of all non-site materials.
7.  Tents are allowed on the grass in the tent sites only.
8.  Supervise children at all times and do not allow them to bother other campers, enter other campsites, or destroy property.  Parents are responsible for any damage caused by their children. Bicycles shall not be ridden outside of the campground.
9.  We are a “pet friendly” park.  All pets must be on a leash with the owner on the other end of the leash.  All pet waste is to be picked up immediately, bagged and disposed of into a proper receptacle.  Failure to do so may result in a $25.00 clean-up fee. Loud or aggressive pet behavior will not be tolerated.  Failure to control your pet could result in you being required to leave the park.  We reserve the right to refuse the presence of aggressive animals or to limit the size of a breed at any time.  No pets are allowed inside the “V-Dome”, Public Restroom or Canteen.
 10. Under no circumstances will anyone under the age of 21 be served or allowed to consume alcohol or other intoxicants on Post property.
11. Quiet time is 2200 to 0700.  There shall be no loud music, boisterous activity, or annoying bright lights, with the exception of scheduled events in the “V-Dome”.  No generators are to be running during quiet time.
13. In accordance with Washington State Law, no smoking in any of the facilities including the “V-Dome”, or within twenty-five (25) feet of the entrance to said establishments and “V-Dome”. 
14. Unsecured exterior propane tanks are not allowed (except for the Camp Host). The use of electrical heaters is prohibited unless approved with an additional cost of $1.
15. For trailer and motor home jacks, please use wooden blocks or boards.
16. Campers must bring their own electrical adaptors, extension cords, hoses and hose Y’s.
17. No outside clothes lines.
18. No building new or modifying of existing structures is allowed at any time
19. Tarps may be used at the rear or side on an RV for shelter/shade or over Tent at tent site.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL TARPS BE USED TO COVER VEHICLES, TRAILERS OR RV’S FOR ANY REASON.  Boat covers are allowed.
20. No skirting of vehicles is allowed.
21. Washing vehicles is not permitted on Post property. NO EXCEPTIONS.
23. Restrooms are provided for your convenience.  Clean up after yourselves.  No pets inside please. Do not wash any clothes, dishes or pets in the restroom area.
24. All streets are one-way with a ten (10) mile an hour speed limit.  Please drive slowly.
25. Park and drive on the paved and gravel surfaces only.  This includes all powered vehicles. No bicycles or scooters are to be used near high traffic areas such as parking lots and near the entrance or exit of any building.
26. Do not store vehicles, boats or RV’s on Post property.  RV’s are only allowed to be parked on Post property with the intention of being occupied.  Contact the Land and Recreation Committee Chairman for approval and exception.
27. All campers are encouraged to report any unusual or otherwise suspicious behavior to the Duty Bartender. 
28. CHECK OUT TIME IS 1 PM. If you wish to remain another night, pay your additional fees by check out time. 
29. No refunds for early departure.
30. These Campground rules are the responsibility of the Land and Recreation Committee who has authority from the Post floor to enforce them.  These rules are subject to change and maybe modified by the Land and Recreation Committee at anytime, without prior approval from the Post floor.